Good-bye 2012!

Dear 2012,

I’m afraid things didn’t quite work out between us. It’s not me, it’s definitely you. I can’t believe our relationship lasted an entire year. It just seemed to drag on and on by the end, so I’m happy to say that I’m ditching you once and for all. You see, we started out fine. We were good friends, mates, chums, thunder buddies. I had an awesome 20th birthday, surrounded by my Phoenix theatre friends with a Disney themed party. I enjoyed my classes in University and had some great summer classes too. I even ventured out to try new avenues – took a stand-up comedy class, a spoken word poetry course, and a sketch comedy course that ended with a successful sketch production! I even acted in two wonderful community plays, St. Luke’s “Murdered to Death” and KeepItSimple’s “Henry IV Part 1.” Those were definitely some of the highlights of our one year relationship.

But then things changed. You grew cold, dark, and chilly. I stopped liking my university classes. I stopped connecting with my friends. I had, and still have some serious family problems. I had conflicts with my Professors. I disliked the fall production I was involved in, and almost quit the acting program because I couldn’t find my passion for it any more. Mind you, there were some factors in my life that contributed to these feelings. But still, 2012, you were the worst year of my life.

And how do we end this relationship? With a break up. Not only between you and me, 2012, but in my real love life as well.

I’m not lying when I say you were the worst year of my life.

But I’m hopeful for my next year, 2013. I’m hopeful because with every good-bye is a new hello. I’m optimistic because a new year is like a new beginning, and I plan to re-boot every aspect of my life. I plan to seriously focus on bettering myself, solidify friendships, seek out new experiences, and re-evaluate everything that has happened in my life thus far.

So far my plans are really exciting for 2013. I’ve been interviewed over the phone by Canadian recruiters for the University Summer Disney program, and they’ve invited me to meet the Disney recruiters in person in Toronto this January. I’ve been offered an apprenticeship for Front of House managing at the Belfry theatre. And I’ll be performing in a wonderful directing project that goes up at the end of January.

So 2012, I’m really glad you’re going. ‘Cause I think 2013 will treat me a lot better.

Amy Culliford


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