Victoria Fringe Festival 2013

Well, it’s official.

I, along with my partner-in-crime Blair Moro, have a slot in this year’s Victoria Fringe Festival (August 22nd-September 1st).


This means so much to me! Firstly, this will be my first Fringe performance ever. Second, this will be the first production I have ever written, directed, and produced. Third, this is the first theatre company I have ever started! So many wonderful opportunities await here.

Our company is the Singles Awareness Theatre Company, and our show title is “You Had Me At Improv” (Nice little reference to the movie Jerry Maguire). It will be a sketch comedy/improv show based around (you guessed it!) relationships and love. We are hoping to gather a talented group of young performers in the community to perform, and will most likely be writing our own sketches.

I’m so happy that I took a sketch comedy course at Uvic this past summer, it looks like this will be a great chance for me to develop those skills. I will definitely blog this journey throughout the summer and into the Fringe festival. I’m really excited to bring new blood into the sketch/improv scene here in Victoria. I know we have some great local talent, especially at Uvic!

Above everything else, I’m excited that I’ll finally be able to share my love and passion for comedy and improv with the Victoria theatre community, and to demonstrate how lovely this kind of theatre can be to all involved.

If you’d like to see the sketch I wrote, performed in, and co-directed for Sketch Ed (the Uvic course this past summer I took part in, where our final project was to put on a 45 minute sketch revue at the Victoria Events Centre), here’s a link:



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  1. Rock on! Very cool, Amy. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the show when I get my Fringe on.
    Oh, and nice to find your blog…

  2. Congratulations Amy! The Fringe is an incredible learning experience. When is the Vic Fringe this year? I’ll be in Vancouver shooting my webseries in July. If you’re not super swamped, would be great if you could audition for a role.

    • I wish I could audition Ryan! But I’ll be in Florida this summer working for Disney! 🙂 The Fringe is August 22nd- Sept. 1st this year.

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