Theatre School Keeps You Busy

So. Reading break is almost over, and I just realized I haven’t posted anything for a while. I thought it might be nice to post a short blurb about what projects are keeping me a busy lady these days.

Acting Class with Brian Richmond:

This semester has by far been the most interesting one for me. We started to explore Shakespeare in Voice class last term, but this term we’re working on good ol’ Billy Shakes in both Acting and Voice class! This is good news for a Shakespeare fan like yours truly!

So far, we’ve worked extensively on Romeo and Juliet (classic!), and our scenes go up this Tuesday. I was away in Toronto for my Disney interview when our professor chose our scenes and roles, but my lovely classmates knew I was dying to play Romeo (haha, get it?), and so in the end Brian allowed it. I was really interested in doing some cross-gender work, since a few of my female classmates were able to play men last semester with Chekov and Ibsen. Having a class with nine ladies and two gents, you’re bound to play a man at some point. My scene partners are amazing, and we were assigned Act 1 Scene 4, in which the bros are preparing to crash the Capulet’s masque. There are many challenges to this piece, such as being a lovesick man, and enjoying the word play between the fellas. But with the kick ass costumes we have planned, I’m sure this scene will be quite fun to present.

Voice Class:

Oh boy. Voice class has been all about Shakespeare this year. I love it. In first term we worked on monologues from Henry V and Hamlet. This semester we’re branching out and learning all kinds of amazing things. We started off with Richard III and Lady Anne, and now we’re moving along to some pretty excellent stuff. I’ve been busy memorizing a Taming of the Shrew scene and getting the physicality brought into Shakespeare. I’ve also been doing some research on my personal monologue assigned to me from Comedy of Errors. Voice is always keeping us busy.

Movement Class:

Full mask improvisations. It’s pretty awesome, much better than ballet and contemporary dance.

3rd Year Directing Scene:

I’m excited to be working with a cast and director who are all fellow third years. We’re doing a scene from Lost in Yonkers by Neil Simon, and I get to play a 75 year old grandma with a thick German accent. Challenging? Oh yeah. I had to go through my script and re-edit the words in a German accent. Then channel my inner grandma. Hopefully I can pull this off!

4th Year Directing Scene:

Finally, I’m working on a directing scene for a fourth year directing class. The class teamed up with writing students, and wrote an original script. The one I’m working on is called “The Last Story Ever Told” by Tito Martin-Nemtin. It’s a complicated and layered script that is both compelling to read and act in. My character is Johanna, a woman who’s created her own little world in the attic of a house in a post apocalyptic world. The main character finds her there with her paintings, where she is trapped by her own ghosts; she carries the guilt of a murder long past with the dead body still there beside her. So far our work with it has been extremely interesting.


Other than that, I’ve also been busy with work in the box office and getting things prepared for Disney. Busy busy busy!


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