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Trying to Play Catch Up!


It has been a long time, my old blog friends, since I last posted. My apologies. However, now that I’m done school forever (well…maybe), I will find waaaaay more time for you, my beloved blog.

Until I can gather my thoughts on what to write next, here’s an update on what has happened with my life.

Unity (1918)

This show was the perfect mainstage to end my Phoenix career. It was a huge success, and taught me so much. I’m glad to have experienced such an amazing journey with the best cast and crew I could have ever imagined. Take a look here for more pictures and reviews of the show!

Presentation Day

As the graduating fourth year acting class, we were expected to perform audition pieces, a solo movement piece, a group movement piece, and a vocal masque as our kind of “final exam” in front of the entire Phoenix theatre and our family and friends. Check out my Youtube page for clips of some of my work!

What’s Next?

  • Got a job working at Chapters. I love it.
  • Acting in this month’s Derwin Blanshard Show. More details to come.
  • Will be competing with a clown piece in The Showdown in May!
  • Will be a Teacher Assistant¬†for Kate Rubin’s Theatre and Drama Studio!
  • New Youtube series where I play video games – Masters of Unlocking
  • Attending Fan Expo Vancouver!
  • So many things!

Last Semester of My Degree


Here I am. My very last semester of my undergraduate degree in Theatre. Time flies!

It’s been a long, long, LONG time since I updated this blog. My apologies! Life has been quite busy as per usual. Once I’m finished school I have a feeling this blog will become more of a priority.

So what’s happened since I last posted?

Well, I had a nice month long holiday in December while school was out. It was great to catch up on sleep! But now that January has begun, it’s time I work harder than I ever have before.

In acting class we are preparing our seven minute one-person scene called Vocal Masques. The requirements are to have at least ten different characters, one song, one accent, etc. in a story arc that can be acted out by one person in approximately seven minutes. On Presentation Day, the final day of school in April, the fourth year acting class gets to present these pieces. It’s been an interesting process so far; mainly we have written up our proposal ideas and first drafts. It’s a bit intimidating, since for the past three years I’ve been watching every fourth year class present these, and they are always amazing. Now it’s our turn! Scary. I’m old.

In Voice class we’re preparing our acting resumes, cover letters, headshots, and audition pieces for the real world. Again, another reminder that I’m old and leaving school to go out into the real world. I can’t escape it. Most people ask me what my plans are after I graduate. It’s like the only thing people want to talk to me about these days. Can’t I live in ignorant denial for a little while longer?

Lastly in Movement class, all ten of my classmates are creating a group movement piece to perform on Presentation Day. It’s been quite the interesting process so far, and the creative outcomes are amazing.

I’ve also had the chance to do a bit more theatre in the community this month. I’ve been taking Improv classes with the hilarious Wes Borg, and it’s been a delightful experience. I love stretching my improv skills every week and meeting fantastic people in the community. I also had the last minute delight to pop up onstage at Derwin Blanshard’s Extremely Class Sunday Evening Program, which I hope to get more involved with in the future months.

Right now Singles Awareness Theatre Company, the company I co-created with my partner-in-crime, Blair Moro, is gearing up for Victoria’s 2014 Fringe Festival in August for our new show: “Improv On Trial” a completely improvised court room show that will take place in the Maritime Museum of BC’s court house! We need to fund raise for our “Bring Your Own Venue” show, seeing as renting the court house will cost us $1500 for our entire run! So that should keep me busy this spring!

Finally, I’m very excited to say that tonight marks the very first Unity (1918) rehearsal. I am beyond excited to start this rehearsal process, as this will be my last mainstage with the Phoenix Theatre. Looking forward to it all!

So. Yes. Very busy. Fourth year is madness. But soon…that degree!